Thursday, 1 May 2014

Winging the Wainwright’s - the mad plan begins...

I usually tell Mrs CumbrianRambler “only one crazy-ass plan at a time” but now I’ve got one of my own.

I’ve probably done all the Wainwrights over the years, some many times over in different directions but I’ve never really noted which ones I’ve done as usually when I’m on my own I’m naughty and don’t take a map (always take a map!). So my plan is to do them all this year. 

Our philosophy has always been to take it slow and admire the beauty so why am I doing this, not sure really. I had this mad idea on nothing more than a number play, 214 Wainwrights in 2014. And as it goes, we are coming up to 214 days left. So...

2014: 214 Wainwrights in 214 days!

This will be a challenge for me because I’m more of a night person than a morning person. Of course I realise I’ve been missing out the best part of the day for fell climbing and in particular photographing the sunrises, mists and lake stillness etc. So why am I doing this, it’s an incentive to get my lazy behind out of bed and enjoy all that I’m missing and will be photographing the scenery and wildlife along the way. Another reason would be that I've shocking memory and like CumbrianRambler's blog, it's a great way to remember what you've done because it's all so easy to forget the little things and funny moments.

I have read many blogs where they feel like it’s been a chore, hopefully I won’t feel the same. I’ll no doubt be reminding myself of that as I trudge through bogs, paths that are more like streams and on occasion all during the joyful experience that is ‘wet-out’. 

Stop that, it's not helping you.

Who's crazy-ass plan was this?..

You're going to do what!?!

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