Friday, 26 June 2020

The Lake District and Cumbria Quiz eBook

Think you know Cumbria?
Here’s your chance to find out!
The 200 questions in this book cover everything from geography to history and wildlife to athletic achievements.
There’s also a range of difficulty from nice and easy questions through to rather more devilishly tricky ones.
We have researched and written 10 books on the county and thought it might be fun to create a quiz book around some of our favourite facts, figures and interesting nuggets of local history.
Test your friends, test your family and test yourself – how much do you really know about one of the most popular holiday destinations in the British Isles?

You will receive your pdf ebook via a download link. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Bringing the business training room online

During these strange and uncertain times during the global lockdown, OnLive Learning have brought the training room online, with a range of interactive courses which include chat, polls and whiteboards. Each course is recorded with a link sent to all attendees allowing them to review the content at their own pace.

  • Returning to the workplace
  • Facing Redundancy
  • Self Employed

These 3 courses split into 6 modules will cover all the employment uncertainty we face at the moment. 

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Our latest book, Secret Keswick. Seeking out the fascinating hidden aspects of Keswick's rich and intriguing heritage.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Adventure Herdy

Looking through old photos I came across a folder containing our expeditions of adventure across the Lake District with Herdy.

Here's his best bits of Adventure Herdy!

Saturday, 7 May 2016

I love the smell of burning disc brakes at around lunchtime

Dunmail Raise to Buttermere

50 Miles

While we were away on our snowy adventures on Snowdon and seeing all the snowy fell photos back home, I fancied getting up them. I also fancied a bike ride around Thirlmere before the busy roads re-opened and now that a section of path has been upgraded to a permanent tarmac track. So I thought I'd combine the two.

Now I was going to start from the base of Dunmail for the sake of completion but I didn't fancy it first thing.

This is so much better than the boggy path that was here previously, and now makes getting to Keswick a lot easier

"The Gap" looking nicely filled in

I also wondered if I could cycle all around Thirlmere but the road was a hive of business getting it ready for the 13th May opening

#NotJustLakes #Reservoirs too ;-)

Perfect reflections

Well ok it would be rude not to

Breakfast time!

Love the old signs

Castlerigg Stone circle

The obligatory Derwent boats shot

A walk around to Friar's Crag bench...oi where's the bench gone?!

There's something missing here?

I'm always curious seeing old stones in the undergrowth so will stop at any old plaque

R.D.M 1834

W. Hodgson 1878
Looking at the hot hazy fells, they didn't look snowy, maybe the photos I saw a day earlier where from last week, so as I was enjoying my bike ride I decided to stay on. Where to? How about over Honister pass!


Lambs 'chilling' in the heat

Heavy rucksack and clumpy hiking boots aren't going to help

Fancy a dip, very inviting on a hot day

Well this first section is never going to happen

When I was younger before Honister reopened I hiked the lakes with my brother staying at all the youth hostels, it was wilder remote place back then, errie with rusting quarry machinery laying forgotten. Do the YHA still make you do chores? And I bet you don't have cards they rubber stamp, each with a different design to collect.

I remember making vats of porridge back in the day!

Hmm it looks a lot steeper on bike...

It is!
 Now I see why cycling events choose to come up Honister from Buttermere and not go down it, it's steep! The heavy rucksack provided rear ballast to prevent bike'n'all tipping forward though it may have increased my downward speed.

Actually I didn't like the smell of burning disc brakes and the bike didn't appreciate it much. Deploy clumpy hiking boot foot brake!

Ah I remember staying here, I remember having waffles with maple syrup and ice cream for breakfast!

Waffles with maple syrup and ice cream, a hearty breakfast?

Lunch time on Buttermere

I continued on to see the Rannerdale bluebells which are starting to come out. I see again there is a new path forming from the river right through up the main bank, Why? You are only ruining your own photos...

Newlands Pass........
About 2000 race bikes will be coming over all the passes this sunday, the Fred Whitton Challange. I thought I did quite well considering I was on a mountain bike with chunky tires, the wrong attire, size 12 clunky hiking boots, big rucksack and partially stuck on brakes.

You know the last two cups of tea you've got in your flask? You know the ones I mean, the ones that you really need and would really hit the spot. Don't you just hate it when you knock them over...

Red Squirrel

As Newlands Pass drops down to Braithwaite, it was time for home, a dash through Keswick, passed by Keswick Boot Company, Oi you could have stopped to give me a lift up to nest brow ;-)

It would seem the message about the A591 being closed hadn't reached news to everyone or to sat navs as a couples satnav directed up to the gap then around and tried to go back down to the gap. 

With A591 mostly quiet it was a pleasant whizz back through Thirlmere. 50 miles might have been more than planned but the fun is in the unplanned wandering.