Wednesday, 21 October 2015

"Back to the Past" - Back to the Wainwright's

It’s coming close to a year since my final Wainwright of my 214 day challenge (1 Nov 2014). It’s taken longer to write than it took to walk and as you may have noticed I said ‘final’ so you now know I successfully completed the challenge.  But then again maybe you would have seen all the tweets at the time so you already knew, so no spoiler alert here. Maybe some of you would prefer to know before reading this blog that I completed it ok so you could read relaxed (I know some prefer to read the ending of a book so they can watch the movie version tense-free).

Which leads me to “Back to the Future”. You may have noticed it’s Back to the Future day today. We’ll be watching Part 2 tonight and waiting for that moment when he enters the date 21st Oct 2015 into his Delorean.

Regarding the destination date, 26th Oct 1985, assuming it wouldn’t cause a different temporal displacement that would shift the whole time line thingy they should have made it Friday 25th Oct that way in 30 years time it would be a Sunday, still time for a party.  Now I don’t believe there isn’t going to be a fancy dress party out there where everyone is dressed up in what they were wearing in 1985. There’s a party like that happening this weekend and come on, admit it, you would quite like to go...

So what’s all this got to do with my Wainwright challenge...well let me take you back to 5th July 2014...

“Seriously, all that just for that back in time link?” Yup sorry...

Marty McDragonFly

The next walk to follow -
Great borne – Starling Dodd – Red Pike – High Stile – High Crag – (seat)