Monday, 30 June 2014

FellRambler's Photo Gallery - Part 2

Puffins running scared, Arctic Turns pecking at your head, lots of Guillemots, sunbathing Seals, Gannets eating well like Gannets and Julia Bradbury on a bike...

Julie Bradbury and C&CC team on a charity cycle ride
Scarborough fair

Gannets on Bempton Cliffs

Farne Island boat trips

Longstone lighthouse

sunbathing Grey Seals

Puffin paddles the sea



Arctic Turns will peck your head to protect their nests

Arctic Turn with sand eel

Puffins look so sad

Sea too rough to get to the outer Farnes

Bamburgh Castle

I know the Arctic Turns are vicious but...

Longstone Island lighthouse and Grey Seals

Puffin with a mouthful of sand eels


Puffins look like they're confused and have lost their nests...
but they're just keeping an eye out for gulls before they return to them.

Corbridge Roman Town

Thursday, 26 June 2014

FellRambler's Photo Gallery - Part 1

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve tackled the Wainwright challenge, we've been busy visiting lots of places. I’ve lost track so some might actually be just before I started. Anyways here’s a few photos before Wainwrighting resumes...

Cue the music. Do do do do, de-do do, de-do do do dooo

BBC Scotland on the Glasgow Quays

Riverside Museum Glasgow

If Pixar did a pirate movie

Lamb in a jacket

Lakeside motor museum

Now I'm sure these faces have been in a Pixar movie

Modern art dotted around Kielder Water.
If you thought one Beth was a handful!...

Kielder Water sunrise

Sunrise over Kielder Water

Red Squirrels

Surfers at Sennen Cove, Lands End

No this wasn't me. We had a knackering yet enjoyable lesson in the wind and rain and waves twice as big
(well felt like it I'm sure)

Minack Theatre

Tasty boiled eggs in buckets

Crossing the St Michael's Mount Causeway

One of many lovely coves


Dunster Castle
Bug and dragonfly hunting walk with the nephews

Check out the evil face on this fella

Dragonfly built by the kids

Nephew on the ropes at Brockhole treetop trek