Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A walk around Thirlmere

11 miles

At the time of writing this post (15/12/2015) the A591 is closed down the length of Thirlmere due to a road collapse and landslides caused by the flooding of storm Desmond. They are working hard into last light to fix this main route though the lakes, so I don't think it will be closed too much longer.

Some paths open for use!

As the road was closed I thought I'd try to track down a mysterious rock/plaque called the "Rock of Names", a rock that in the 1890's Wordsworth & Coleridge carved their initials into. Blown up when the dam was made but bits are at Dove Cottage or the Wordsworth Institute, but no one really knows, lost in translation over generations I think. The usually fast road may have been free to walk down to look closely but the plaque could have been washed away in this or any previous landslides. Like looking for a needle in a...well, Cumbrian fell...

I've yet to walk along through the forest just above the road down the length of the reservoir, not sure if you even can, so walking down the road I was able to see some interesting markings I've not seen before.

"30th 9Mo 1843
Fall'n from his fellows side
The steed beneath is lying
In harness, here he died
His only fault was dying


The old church when Thirlmere was a village.

Matthew Arnold's poem: Resignation

Several landslides, much rock

pacing the flow

Poor stranded car and mini-coach

They've done a great job clearing it all, though still lots to do. I made a point of giving all the workers, diggers and dumper trucks a wide birth so not to get in their way.

Once I got to the car parks and the end of where the plaque could have been I decided why not walk all around the reservoir...

The road closure is at the car parks so you can still park there for the route up to Helvellyn and Thirlspot hotel looked open for business. Though the layby there is a little full at the moment...

Curiously, a digger was forging its way up to the crags below Stybarrow Dodd. Curious I thought...

More diggers clearing the rivers

Wildlife not too concerned

Plenty of road sweepers around the reservoir and St John's

Choppy water today

Spot the X-Wing

No jets or X-Wings flying low over the water. That's the next drama to hit Thirlmere but you'll have to wait till 17th December to see them*

Another interesting plaque

Landslides off the Helvellyn screes

Fast flowing river off Armbooth

Working into last light to get the road fixed

An interesting 11 mile walk around Thirlmere reservoir...

* There won't really be X-Wings flying over Thirlmere or Derwent. You'll see them in scenes of Star Wars - The Force awakens, if you weren't aware.